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Tec7 GT7 Multi Purpose Spray Penetrating Oil / Lubricant / Fights Rust / Cleaner 200ml

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Tec7 GT7 Multi Purpose Spray Penetrating Oil / Lubricant / Fights Rust / Cleaner 200ml

GT 7’s useful properties include:
Moisture Repellent
Fights Rust
Penetrating Oil
Contact Spray
Protective Agent

What can YOU do with GT 7?
GT 7 has multiple applications in the Building, Construction, Sanitary and General Maintenance areas, which are detailed below. You can almost certainly come up with more uses yourself.


  • GT 7 quickly repels moisture due to its extremely low surface tension and strong penetrating characteristics.
  • GT 7 fights rust in the shortest time due to its unique cold shrink effect which cracks and dissolves rust particles.
  • GT 7 has a strong penetrating capacity, with the result that it can penetrate into even microscopic small openings.
  • GT 7 stops creeks and squeaks instantly and is an ideal lubricant for fine mechanical and electrical components.
  • GT 7 detaches oxidation and is the ideal spray on electrical appliances, household devices, battery terminals, distribution boxes, etc, due to its strong penetrating capacity.
  • GT 7 cleans pneumatic tools, cylinder locks, deposits of tar, brake fluid, etc.
  • GT 7 also fills small uneven surfaces and pores and creates a long-lasting, transparent and moisture repelling layer.

GT 7 Applications

  • Stops and Prevents Short Circuits
  • Loosens Tightly Rusted Nuts, Bolts, Screws, Valves, Antennas and Moving Parts
  • Protects Ignition Mechanisms Against Moisture
  • Cleans Electrical and Electronic Contacts
  • Makes Chromium Components Shiny Again
  • Makes and Keeps Locks Ice Free
  • Removes Oil and Tar Stains
  • Cleans and Protects Rims
  • Removes Moisture from Switch Boxes and Electronic Measuring Equipment i.e. Garden Lighting
  • Protects Metal Components, Chromium, etc., Against the Influence of the Weather, Sprinkled Salt, etc.
  • Detaches Dirt, Such as Tar, Fat, etc.
  • Cleans, Protects and lubricates chainsaws and mowers , hedge and garden shears ensuring they are always ready for use
  • Lubricating Bicycle Parts: Chain, Gear System, etc.
  • Lubricates and Protects Hinges and Locks
  • Protects Skates, Hooks, Tent Pegs, Ski Equipment, etc., Against Rust
  • Cleans and Protects Fishing Rods Against Moisture, Dirt, Deposits, etc.
  • Protects Drawing Systems, Tension Belts, etc.
  • Prevents Short Circuits on Electrical and Electronic Contacts
  • Lubricates and protects Drive and V-Belts enabling quieter operation and increased life span
  • Internal Protection of Drills, Polishing Machines, etc., Against Moisture
  • Applies a transparent protective layer on wheel rims against road salt, tar deposits etc.
  • Internal Cleaning and Lubrication of Air Pressure Machines
  • Prevents the Formation of Scaling
  • Lubricates Roller Bearings and Guarantees Smooth Movement
  • And thousands more: The list just goes on and on!

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