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1 x 58W 3F Filippi Emergency IP65

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1 x 58W 3F Filippi Fitting 

Illuminotechnical characteristics
The luminaires, for T5, T8 and compact lamps, supply diffused symmetric distribution. Using the flow recuperators (see accessories), it is possible to obtain wide to concentrated and asymmetric distribution to meet any installation requirement. Luminous flux in emergency mode see p. 311.

Mechanical characteristics
Self-extinguishing V2 polycarbonate housing, injection moulded, RAL 7035 grey. Ecologic anti-aging injected sealing gasket. Diffuser in self-extinguishing V2 polycarbonate, photo-engraved interior (except Compact version), UV stabilised, injection moulded with smooth outer surface. Gear-tray reflector unit in hotgalvanised steel, painted in white polyester, fixed to the housing by means of steel rapid devices, hinged opening. Industrial version with high efficiency flow recuperator, in specular aluminium with superficial titanium-magnesium treatment, non-iridescent. Snug fit snap-lock clips in polycarbonate (in stainless steel for 3F Linda Inox) for diffuser mounting, tamper-proof diffuser opening via screwdriver. Stainless steel fixing brackets, 11W versions excluded.

Electrical characteristics

EEI A2 electronic wiring, 230V-50/60Hz, power factor >0.95, fuse, lamp warm start, with system for emergency lighting 1hr duration, 24hrs recharge. Very low loss starter wiring EEI B1, 230V-50Hz, power factor correction, with system for emergency lighting 1hr duration, 24hrs recharge. EEI B2 low loss starter wiring, 230V-50Hz, power factor correction, fuse, with emergency lighting system (Industrial version, high flux, 15%), 1h duration, 24h recharge. On request: inhibition. In compliance with EN 60598-2-22. EP version with maintained operation, ENP version is not maintained. EP twin-lamp versions, only one lamp switches on in emergency mode.

Stainless steel fixing brackets, 11W versions excluded. T5 fluorescent and compact lamps with colour rendering Ra >80, colour temperature 4000K.

In virtually all environments, compatible with any chemicals which could compromise the use of the plastics (ask for polycarbonate compatibility sheet); for instance not suitable in environments where chlorine fumes, ligroin, hydrocarbon mixtures, fading mineral oil vapours or fumes of lubricating emulsions to to cool down machine tools are present. Not suitable for installation on surfaces subject to strong vibrations, exposed to weather conditions, on cables or poles   

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