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Vortice Vario 230mm/9" Surface Extractor Fan C/W Auto Shutters 12452

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Vortice Vario 230mm/9" AR Surface Extractor Fan For Window or Wall C/W Auto Shutters 12452
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Vortice Vario 12452 230mm/9" AR Surface Extractor Fan For Window or Wall C/W Auto Shutters

Vortice 12452 AR

P = Pull Cord
A = Automatic
R = Reversible
LL = Long Life
S = Super Boosted Performance


The whole range is manufactured to match high technology specifications and provide ease of installation. Based on this practical approach all installation procedures are significantly simplified to reduce time and save money during set-up and installation.

Vortice Vario fans are designed to provide high flexibility and a wide choice of applications in order to satisfy even the most demanding requirements.

The new line of Vortice Vario exhaust/supply fans provide a modern and flexible solution to improve the quality of air we breathe daily in any domestic or commercial environment: dwellings, shops & cafes, sports centers/gyms, restaurants,public houses, offices, schools, community halls and many more…

■ The new Vortice Vario models are among the best of their category in terms of performance and low energy consumption thanks to highly efficient impellers.

■ Data and performaces IMQ Performance certified.

■ Great care has been taken to ensure extremely low noise levels. All technical data has been certified by TÜV.

■ The outer casing is made from shock-resistant UV stabilised ABS. Structural components in UV resistant ABS, internal components from shock resistant PS.

■ Vortice Vario fans are carefully designed to provide a low environmental impact, using recyclable materials and following the new “Design for Disassembly” technique to provide easy and environmentally friendly disposal of components. Vortice avoided polluting technologies in the production cycle, and even the packaging of the products adopts recycled paper and safe nonpolluting inks. Energy consumptionis optimised both during production and operation. Noise pollution has also been minimised.

■ All fans are IPX4 rated in compliance to IEC EN 60529 standards both inside and outside.

■ Vortice Vario fans are EC marked in accordance with the Low Voltage Directive EEC 73/23 and the Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive 89/336. All fans are also IMQ (Italian Safety Institute) certified in compliance with CEI EN 60335-2- 80 and CEI EN 60529 standards


26W / 220~240v